Governance and Quality

SMART works within a legal framework to ensure it is governed safely and appropriately.  We are registered with the Charities Commission; find out more by visiting the Charity Commission website.

Who is responsible?

The Board of Trustees ensures that SMART is meeting all of its obligations as a charity as required by the Charity Commission and Companies House. They closely monitor organisational performance.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is accountable to the Board of Trustees and is supported by the Management Team (Operational) and HR, Finance and Business Development staff. All staff are responsible, via their line management, to the CEO.

Corporate governance

The CEO monitors compliance with industry standards by ongoing review and organisational audits including:


Clinical governance is at the heart of high quality service provision. We benchmark our practice against industry standards such as  NICE Guidelines and Public Health England recommendations.  Our clinical governance framework is supported by our Clinical Governance committee through a system of standards and audits assured by our Medical Director.

Health and Safety

In order to maintain a safe environment for staff and our service users, all staff are required to hold CAPD approved health and safety certification and each Department has a qualified Health and Safety representative.  Our policies and procedures are audited annually by a designated ‘Competent Person’.


We have robust accounting systems, controlled internally and overseen by an external provider, with strict control procedures in place and tested on a regular basis.  Our accounts and accounts systems are audited annually.

Employee and volunteer management

Our Human Resources (HR) policies are audited by external HR consultants, ensuring they are compliant with legislation.

Our robust Performance and Development processes enable us to monitor staff development and ensure all staff are working toward the correct standards (e.g. DANOS standards) as agreed at induction and annually.  We also support our staff to develop skills for career progression through our Leadership Competency Framework.   We regularly audit our workforce using our own organisational audit tools.


All staff and volunteers across our services are required to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and other legal requirements. Our information governance is audited annually against ISO 27001.

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