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Katy and Joe to conquer Kilimanjaro!

Meet Katy and Joe, who are planning to climb Kilimanjaro to raise money for our charity. They have set themselves a fundraising goal of £1500, which will be distributed across all our services, and will help to provide assessments and support sessions for people who attend our projects.

Katy said “On the 17th of October our adventure begins. We will be taking on this huge challenge in memory of Joe’s mum Gail, who sadly passed away in March last year after losing her battle with alcohol addiction. This wasn’t the families first time dealing with the awful heartache of alcohol abuse. Gail’s Brother Richard lost the same battle just the year before. Unfortunately, it’s not just the devastating loss of family; we also have family members, friends and consequently their loved ones, who are still fighting this horrible addiction.

“Mine and Joe’s aim is not just to raise the much needed funds to support SMART’s amazing work, but also to raise awareness of substance misuse. Everyone deserves a chance to make a positive change to theirs and their families lives with help and support.”

Joe’s brother (Matt) was kind enough to provide this very honest insight “Mum had been a long time sufferer of anxiety & depression and unfortunately in time found excessive alcohol consumption as her ‘release’ and ‘way out’. It’s quite scary how quickly a person can become reliant and dependent on alcohol, and how it can take a hold of their mental state of mind. We are all vulnerable to this. That evening glass of wine getting earlier in the day can soon become an often uncontrollable desire to drink.”

Pictured below is Gail with her three sons. From left to right: Josh, Matt and Joe.

Katy and Joe have been very busy training and at the time of this news post were off to climb Mount Snowden twice in 2 days! We offer our heartfelt thanks to them for collecting donations for SMART and for bringing attention to the devastating impact of alcohol use disorder.

Take a look at the intrepid duos fundraising page and please donate if you can.


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