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SMART First Point supports people in Bedford who are homeless, rough sleeping or who are worried they will soon become homeless. 

We help people ‘on the street’ who are rough sleeping, helping them to move into accommodation as quickly as possible, to enable support and improve safety. Our Housing Advisors support people who are worried they might lose their accommodation, or who are at risk of becoming homeless, aiming to prevent this from happening wherever possible.

SMART Prebend Support Hub

For many years, the SMART Prebend Support Hub has been a ‘go to’ place for people experiencing homelessness or needing advice about housing. 

The team provide support and food, alongside access to essential amenities such as laundry facilities and showers. 

What to do if you are homeless or rough sleeping

Seek Assistance from the Local Government

Local councils, also known as “local authorities,” bear the responsibility of providing aid to individuals undergoing homelessness.

If you find yourself without a home, sleeping on the streets, or confronted with a housing crisis, your foremost step should involve reaching out to your local authority’s Housing Options team. This will enable you to ascertain the extent of assistance they can provide to you.

Depending on your specific situation, this may encompass:

  1. Emergency lodging – a spot in a shelter or hostel.
  2. More enduring accommodation – self-sufficient living or social housing. Whenever feasible, it’s advisable to approach the council associated with your local connection, typically in the region where you most recently resided.

To identify your local council, you can make use of the Government’s website.

Use Streetlink

If you find yourself currently sleeping rough, take advantage of StreetLink. This nationwide hotline for referring rough sleepers enables you to communicate with SMART’s outreach teams, local authorities, and various other homeless organizations regarding your circumstances and your location while sleeping rough. They will subsequently facilitate your connection to local support services to provide assistance.

StreetLink’s volunteers and personnel are committed to assisting you as promptly as possible – however, it’s crucial not to postpone seeking aid. In the interim, if feasible, consider seeking help from alternative sources. For instance, you might want to get in touch with your local council or pay us a visit at the Prebend Hub. 

Citizens Advice

Independent advice covering a range of topics including, debt, benefits and more.

Help With Food

Places in Bedford to access affordable food and free meals.

Job Centre Plus

Help to claim benefits and support to find a job.


Help for EU Migrants to find settled status / pre settled status. General advice and careers advice.

Drug And Alcohol Support

Free, confidential advice and support with drug and/or alcohol use.

Mental Health

Local and national support to help people with their mental health. 

Family And Relationships

Local and national support to help people with family & relationship issues. 

Legal Advice

Free Independent legal advice covering all aspects of law.

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