Do I have a problem?

Are you enjoying yourself?

Some people use drink or drugs and do not have negative experiences.  For most people this is not the case.  Drink or drug use can cause you problems at school and work, affect your relationships with friends or family, and impact your physical and mental health.

Here are some frequent misconceptions about drinking and drug use:

I’m not a drug user, I just drink…

It may be legal to buy alcohol over the age of 18, but that doesn’t mean that alcohol isn’t just as risky to your health as other drugs, and can be particularly risky if you are under 15. To find out more about the risks and effects of alcohol, visit the Frank website.

I don’t have a problem, I just smoke sometimes…

Tobacco is a drug and is also illegal to use under 18. To find out more about the risks and effects of tobacco and cannabis, visit the Frank website.

I’m taking legal highs… they’re not as dangerous as other drugs…

Not true.  They may be ‘legal’ but you wont know what you’re taking or what it might be doing to you. To find out more about the risks and effects of ‘legal highs’, visit the Frank website.

I just take something to give me a bit of confidence…

This is how it may feel but giving you confidence isn’t the only thing the substance is doing to your brain: it can also affect your perception and other aspects of your behaviour. Find out more about what effect alcohol and other drugs might be having on you, visit the Frank website.

Understanding what you are taking

Drug use and drinking can affect you physically and mentally.

Aside from whether or not what you are taking is legal, taking any kind of drug (including alcohol or tobacco) especially if you are under 15 can affect the development of your brain.

Visit the Frank website for more information on the risk and effects of specific substances.

Do I have a Habit?  Addiction?  Dependency?

Most people who use drugs regularly don’t think they have a problem.  You may just think you’re experimenting and having fun.

Do you think you have a problem with your drug use? Here are some questions to think about>>

Do you think you have a problem with your drinking? Complete a quick self assessment to find out>>

If you are worried at all, speak to someone you can trust

If you find that your drinking or drug use is making you feel lonely or worried, or just want some information to stay safe, there are lots of places you can turn for help.

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