Are you worried about someone who is homeless or sleeping rough?

Witnessing individuals sleeping on the streets or facing homelessness can evoke a sense of challenge in offering assistance. However, each year, numerous individuals join forces with SMART in our endeavor to eradicate homelessness and restore lives. You also have the opportunity to contribute to this cause.

Street Link

Notifying community services about individuals experiencing homelessness outdoors can have a life-saving impact.

Utilize Streetlink, the nationwide hotline for referring rough sleepers, to inform our outreach units, Local Authorities, and other homelessness-focused organizations about locations where you’ve observed someone sleeping rough.

With just a few simple actions, you can employ StreetLink to link individuals facing homelessness with nearby available assistance, thus providing them with valuable support.

Call 999

StreetLink does not function as an emergency service. If you believe the person needs urgent medical assistance due to their mental or physical well-being, take immediate action – dial 999 for an ambulance or contact the police.

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