Food Glorious Food!

Our new service in Milton Keynes (women’s only supported accommodation) has been cooking up a storm throughout July. Cookery lessons and experimenting with preparing and cooking different meals has been really rewarding!

Photos show an amazing Sunday lunch, a healthy Friday night dinner and a fabulous cottage pie cooked from scratch!

Supported by our wonderful team, the residents were able to work together, learn skills, communicate and work on budgeting. Taking time to eat properly and sit together creates chances to have conversations amongst the resident group and staff team; this in turn helps to break down any barriers and allows everyone to enjoy a nutritious meal.

Cooking can act as a therapeutic exercise

  • Cooking can instil a sense of control in life. When everything else in a person’s life is completely chaotic, cooking can be very therapeutic.
  • Cooking can give you a sense of accomplishment and this can make you feel happy.
  • It boosts your creative side, which you may have thought you don’t have
  • Cooking requires patience, it is an art. As you master this activity, you will also automatically learn the art of patience.
  • Cooking in a group is also something that can help you. This can help improve your social skills and teach you how to work as a team.
  • Last, but not least, as you learn how to cook, you will end up getting into a proper routine and eventually start taking care of your physical health as well.