The Prebend Centre is Reopening – Volunteers Needed!

Exciting News!

The phased reopening of the Prebend Centre in Bedford begins on Wednesday 26th January!

The centre will initially open for two hours over the lunchtime period (12:00pm – 2pm) providing take-away food to anyone needing our help. This will be people sleeping rough, people in our supported or temporary housing facilities and those in extreme need of nourishment who may not qualify for statutory help but would benefit from a good lunchtime meal.

How YOU can help

We need volunteers to help us on the frontline handing out food and as many hands as possible behind the scenes to help with:

  • Food preparation
  • Cleaning the serving areas and the kitchen
  • Receiving and sorting donations (clothes, shoes, bedding, food, cheques)
  • Answering the phone and taking messages
  • Basic DIY jobs around the building
  • Moving furniture
  • Preparing the garden area for the next phase of reopening

Can you spare enough time?

To help with the first phase of reopening you will need to commit to at least one shift, 10am – 3pm, each week, for a minimum of 3 months.

If you are unable to commit right now, we’d still love to chat with you about future volunteering opportunities, that will be available when we open for longer hours providing additional support and activities.

What next?

Get in touch and we’ll be in contact to discuss the next steps!


Unable to donate your time?

Without the kind and generous donations made from individuals, groups and local businesses to the Cold Relief In Bedford Appeal (CRIB) we would not be able to reopen. We need your help to hit our target so we can move to the next phase of reopening. PLEASE donate to the CRIB Appeal.