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Information for GPs

What does SMART do?

A brief summary of what SMART can offer your patients.

How to refer into our services

How to refer your patient into to SMART’s services.

If you have any questions please get in contact with your local service.

Referring a patient to SMART’s services – What information do we need from you?

With consent from your patient, when referring  it will be helpful to be sent:

  • Their Global Medical Summary
  • Results of their Liver Function Test (taken within the last three months)

You could also ask them to complete the following and bring to their assessment appointment:

Further resources

Worksheets and information for your patients:

Download worksheets and informational resources for your patients here.

Screening and Assessment tools for substance misuse:

Download a range of screening and assessment tools here.

Clinical guidelines and publications for substance misuse:

Links to clinical guidelines and publications for substance misuse e.g. NICE Guidelines.

Find out more about what SMART do

If you would like to find out more about the SMART’s Recovery Services in your area, we are always happy to come along to Practice team meetings to give an overview of the support we offer.  Please contact the Service Manager of your local service for more information.

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