Rogers Court

Rogers Court, this 20-bed facility accepts referrals for individuals and couples verified as rough sleepers through our street outreach team or Bedford Borough Council’s housing options team.

Residents will be eligible to stay for up to two years. Whilst at Rogers Court, residents have access to health and mental health care as well as drugs and alcohol support services from community partners to ensure that their recovery and progress is maintained

Funding and donations

This project has been funded by Bedford Borough Council.

And we are thankful for individual and community group donations of food, toiletries and clothing to enable residents to make the transition into our service with the essentials that they need.

We are also grateful for starter packs containing crockery, cutlery and other household items when people have options to move-on to sheltered, affordable or other types of more permanent housing.

Rogers court 1-1 room 2
What to do if you are concerned about someone who is sleeping rough?

Members of the public concerned about anyone rough sleeping can call the national 24-hour rough sleeping referral line ‘StreetLink’ on 0300 500 0914 or visit