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Meet Sajida Maqbool, HR officer for SMART


Tell us a little about yourself: “I was born and brought up in Dubai, no doubt a wonderful place to live. I moved to UK in 2011. I have done Masters in Human Resource Management. I am also a qualified PHR – Professional in Human Resource with more than 6 years of experience in managing full spectrum of HR functions. I was TUPED over to SMART in April 16 when it merged with ASC.  I enjoy working at SMART as I appreciate the work it does to support people with addiction & mental health issues. I am passionate about travelling, I love going to places and experiencing new cultures, cuisines and the experience it brings of interconnectedness of humanity. I truly admire Saint Augustine words’ “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

What exactly do you do for SMART? “I work for SMART Support Services. I provide support and assistance to management and staff with regards to HR related issues such as recruitment, holiday entitlement, terms & conditions, SSP, maternity/ paternity leave, grievance, disciplinary, redundancy and other human resource related issues.”

What’s the best thing about SMART? “It employs SMART people.”

Why do you enjoy working for SMART Support Services? “I know we contribute to the smooth running of all services.”

What are the strengths of the Support Services team? “Teamwork, meeting deadlines, hard work & commitment.”

What is your biggest achievement as a team? “Developing some of the most effective and efficient policies and procedures for SMART.”

Thanks Sajida for your hard work and commitment to SMART.

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