SMART community working hard to improve their service in Wokingham

Our Wokingham Manager Jacqui Fitzgerald tells us what’s been happening at SMART Wokingham…

‘We had received a lot of feedback from clients who were keen to see our reception area improved and our decking in the garden replaced.’

‘A plan of action was drawn up between staff and the SMART community, funds were made available and a poster was put up asking for volunteers to lend a hand in redecorating.’

‘It was clear people wanted to help by the number of signatures that were placed on the poster and I was so proud of the SMART Community in Wokingham when an amazing 7 people committed a whole day of action to make the service a far more welcoming environment to come to.’

‘With great humour and lots of hard work the Magnificent 7 set about re-decorating the reception area and replacing the decking in the back garden. We dodged the unpredictable rain showers and overcame the re-occurring problems with painting over both the oil based mural and the stubborn water stain like true professionals. Fuelled by bacon sandwiches, hot drinks and a lot of laughter everyone worked tirelessly until the job was done! It was even said that it was really therapeutic to paint over the old and witness the blossoming a fresh start for the future!’


‘The decking is looking fantastic and only needs water-proofing to give it that final touch. SMART will be able to use it with pride to host the multi-agency open day in July and the SMART community team can also forge ahead with their plans to use the area throughout the Summer. The wall that once had the rather tired recovery tree on it is now a blank canvass and waiting for the SMART community to decide what will replace it. There are lots of ideas flying around already so we are looking forward to see what fresh ideas they come up with!’