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Wokingham Young Person’s Drug and Alcohol Support Service

Free, confidential advice and support for young people living in Wokingham.


What’s on this page?

What our Young Person’s Service provides

Our approach to working with young people

What to expect when you come to SMART as a young person

Information, advice and support for family members, friends & carers 

Information, resources, guidance and tools for professionals 


Additional information and resources 

SMART Wokingham Young Person’s Service provides:

  • Up-to-date advice and information about drugs and alcohol
  • Age-appropriate one-to-one support in the community
  • Advice for parents, siblings, carers and friends
  • Alcohol and drugs awareness workshops

Our approach

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when working with young people. Our support is flexible and based around the person’s goals, strengths and needs.

The service is offered to young people at times and places, where they feel most comfortable. It can take time, and persistence to build trusting relationships, and we know that young people respond better when they can shape their own support.

We take safeguarding extremely seriously. We always work with other agencies to ensure every young person is safe.

What to expect when you come to SMART as a young person

If you, or someone else reaches out (on your behalf) to SMART, we will answer any questions you have. If you need more in-depth support, we will arrange a telephone call or a face-to-face, session in a place where you feel safe to talk. 

During your first session, you will meet your support worker and have a general chat about what is going on for you now. Together, you will work out how SMART can best help you.

Your recovery worker will complete a brief assessment and discuss consent with you. We are a confidential service which means that we will only share information with people you say we can share with. If we are worried you are going to hurt yourself or someone else we may also share your information to keep you safe.

You might only need a one-off chat, or you may need ongoing support. If you do need longer-term help, then we will work together, at your pace, giving you advice and support along the way. Your recovery worker can also put you in contact with other agencies who may be able to offer further support.

Need help? Want to chat? 

Call 01189 772 022 

Text 07764 960465




If you are a parent, carer or friend

It’s helpful to understand how confidentiality works when a young person is receiving support from SMART.

In the first session with a young person, a recovery facilitator will complete a consent form. As we are a confidential service, this means that unless we have concerns that they are going to hurt themselves or someone else, we will not share information without their consent.

If we do not have consent to speak to you, then we will not be able to discuss the young persons treatment or support with you. We do understand that you are concerned about the young person and this can be difficult. We have a family support service so you also receive the support you need.

A young person can change their consent at any time.  The young person may choose to share some information but not all. We ensure that each young person understands our confidentiality, privacy, and consent statements and how family support can help.

Getting support for you

If you are being affected by a young person’s drug or alcohol use, our family support service can help. 


Need help? 

Call 01189 772 022 



For professionals

Who can refer to SMART Wokingham and how?

We are able to accept referrals for young people up to the age of 18 years from any professional, including GP’s and teachers.

All referrals require the consent of the young person. Once we have received the referral we will let you know and aim to contact the young person within 1 week. If you feel the initial appointment time and date would be best made by you, just liaise with us initially and we can speak directly to the young person thereafter. If you are a school, we will reach out to you to make an appointment during school hours. 

If the young person declines support, we will inform you of this and close their file.

If you would like to make a referral, please complete the online referral form. 


Once support has started

  • We will only be able to share information regarding the young person’s ongoing engagement if we have consent to do
  • If at any point the young person drops out of treatment, we will let you know. Similarly, once support has been completed, we will notify the referer 
  • At any point, you may contact us regarding the young person. Please understand that we may not be able to share information unless there is a safeguarding concern

We can give talks to groups

We are happy to deliver workshops to schools, colleges, youth clubs and any other places where young people hang out. We can provide information about alcohol, cigarettes, other commonly used substances and the associated risks   We aim to support young people to make good decisions by increasing knowledge and risk awareness of substances, and how to keep themselves and others safe.

We can also provide:

  • Advocacy
  • Education Days
  • PSHE Day Support
  • One-to-one Support  
  • Help with Parents Evenings
  • Drug Awareness Sessions 
  • Bespoke Professional Training
  • Harm Reduction Advice
  • Substance Advice & Information
  • Support Coping with Another Persons Substance Use

Posters and leaflets

Download the latest young person’s poster and leaflet, or email if you would like some delivered. 



More information, resources and tools for professionals>>

Do you have a question, request or suggestion?

Contact Us





I just have some questions about drugs, I don’t have a problem…

That’s fine! You can speak to us and we can give you information either individually or as a group.

Which drugs can I talk to you about?

Any drugs you like, including legal, illegal, tablets prescribed by your doctor — even alcohol. We can provide information and advice on all of them.

Will I get in trouble?

No, we are here to support you!

Will my friends & family find out I’m talking to you?

SMART is a confidential service, which means that we will only share information with other professionals if we are very concerned about your safety or the safety of others.

How will I know if I have a problem?

It might be the case that people have told you that you are drinking too much, but you don’t think you are. If this is the case, it could be helpful to complete a diary and then look back at whether you think you have consumed a lot or not. Download a drug or alcohol diary.

I’m a parent or family member of a young person and I’m worried about them…

If you are worried about someone, you can call or email to speak to our family worker. Useful information and advice.

Need help? 

Call 01189 772 022 


Additional information and resources

For honest information about drugs talk to Frank

Videos and experiences shared by young people

Find out how you can reduce the impact of drugs on your health

In-depth information about drugs

Information and support to help cope with difficult feelings, bullying, relationships and school/college

Support for young minds whatever challenges you are facing

Text service offering crisis mental health support for any age 

Details of NHS Mental health charities and organisations

You will need a strong desire to work with people up to the age of 18, supporting them to explore their substance use behaviours. Find out more>>

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