Thanks to you, our wonderfully generous supporters, SMART has once again smashed our target for our Cold Relief in Winter appeal. We would like to wish every single one of you a great big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for being so incredibly kind. We hoped to raise £40,000 but you actually raised more than £50,000!  Isn’t that AMAZING?

Where that money goes…

This means we can provide hundreds of free hot meals for those who might not get to eat a hot meal if it wasn’t for the services, we provide at Centre.

These funds are also enough to help pay some of our own bills that enable us to provide shelter, hot showers, clothing, food, run washing machines and tumble dryers, and keep our own heating and lighting on so that we can keep people warm and safe.

The funds also assist with paying for our fantastic employees who act as case workers and support workers for our beneficiaries. This involves helping with calls to the local authority, checking benefits are accurate, talking to the department for work and pensions, and getting them onto a waiting list for housing and sometimes a place in the temporary accommodation we run in Bedford.  This all takes a considerable amount of time and lots of dedication.

As you probably already know, we are even busier than ever. The cost-of-living crisis continues to take its toll on many innocent people just struggling to get by. On behalf of all of us at SMART, please accept our genuine heartfelt thanks for helping the day centre to keep running throughout winter and into spring 2023.

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